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  The Corsair CSM series PFC power supplyis an excellent choice while upgrading to the mid-range computer systems. Snapdeal brings you this semi-modular component for your computer that is highly affordable and long lasting. It comes with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and also gives access to the Corsair’s proficient and knowledgeable customer support service. The Corsair CSM series PFC power supply is a durable power supply and ensures long lasting and efficient power supply for your computer system.
  The Corsair CSM series PFC power supply comes with DC to DC technology which allows it to befully compatible with 4th generation Intel core processors. Moreover, the fact that it possesses modular cables means that there is no need to carry any unwanted cable along with the power supply. These low-profile, modular cables with flat design ensure that there is minimal air friction and thus maximum air circulation within the computer components.
Operating System
 The Corsair CSM series PFC power supply is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Ubuntu, Solaris and Linux operating systems. Moreover, it is backward compatible with all earlier versions of these operating systems making it a highly versatile power supply unit for your computer system.

Other Important Features

 The Corsair CSM series PFC power supply is surely the best add-on to your desktop PC which can be used with multiple GPUs. While it is configured to accept universal AC Input from 100-240V, it provides both over-voltage and under-voltage protection and thus ensures maximum CPU protection from voltage variations. It also provides short-circuit protection as well as temperature surge protection for your critical and expensive computer components. This low weight PFC power supply ensures that it adds minimal extra weight to your CPU Unit.
Regulates Brownouts And Voltage
 Enjoy uninterrupted power supply with this smart computer UPS range that has intelligent no-load shutdown facility that will take care of your computer and protect it from power brownouts. Regular and sudden voltage fluctuations can cause harm to your machine, UPS regulates these problems and enhances your machine’s life.


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