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  Power surges, voltage instability and sudden power outages can cause serious damage to your electrical devices.It is important to keep your computer or desktop running for a little while after a power outage so that you are able to save the work you were doing and switch the device off properly. Snapdeal brings to you Zebronics UPS that will keep your devices safe and running for a considerable amount of time after a power outage.
 It has an input voltage of 230 V AC. It gives an output of 60 Watt. This ZebronicsUPScomes with three plug outlets and lets you connect three devices to it. This UPS with high battery backupis Ideal for desktops, home entertainment systems, computers, monitors..

Recharge time

 This UPS with less recharge timetakesapproximately 6 hours to recharge it completely which is lower than most UPS available in the market. It comes with a simulated sine wave to keep your devices safe.  Another interesting feature of this Zebronics UPSis that it is energy efficient and, therefore, reduces your energy consumption.


 EIt has a 12 V 7 A battery and is guaranteed to give a long power backup. It is extremely efficient. Even if there are multiple devices connected to it, it gives you enough time to complete or save your important tasks and switch off your devices gracefully when the power goes off. This protects your data from being corrupted. This Zebronics UPSwill keep your devices running smoothly even in the event of a power surge or voltage instability.  It also provides protection against overload.


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